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Monday, 23-Oct-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Birthday nite - turning 22nd...

A guy's birthday treat.. cake, rendang n nasi impit.
me eating the long-desired rendang.. yumm
A birthday card from Azan n friends... thanks!
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Approaching midnite... a lil' cake was taken out n a lil' candle was lit..
a lil' song was sung.. and a lil' smile was seen.. and a lil' boy then turned not so lil anymore - he turned old. Yikes!!

Mama n papa had sent in a Resin cake (along with other Raya cookies n all) a few days b4, so i took em out.
Then Shahid, n Nik work on it ( while cooking the Rendang for Raya) , n Tadaaa!! a chocolate springkled coverred cake.. with a lil candle on it! haha ("suprise" la sangat... haha) Azan n Ameen was there too (just got back from takbir raya)..
Spent the whole nite/ early morn chatting, laughin, watching tv, n BASHING up the b-day boy (ouchh..)

---- Nik n Syafiek hogging up the frame.. Oi, aku pun nak masuk! haha ---
Thanks Guys... a great birthday indeeed!!!


Monday, 16-Oct-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy Birthday Along!!

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Today is her birthday.. who? it's my big sister, Iva Ilyana Abd Rahman.. she's currently in England, and are my closest next-of-kin... she's very kind, always looks after me well (even though i'm old enough, n macho enough to look after me-self, hehehhe)
IT's her birthday.. so what's a lil brother should do on her birthday? I know! make a fotopage dedication to her!!
May u're blessed with all the blessings in the world! Happy Birthday Along!

Wednesday, 4-Oct-2006 10:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
75 Summerstown road, Wilton, Cork, Ireland

Outside look of my new house, Large lawn, eh?
my room.. view from da bed
my bed, Big Huge Window, Table lamp, Study table
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I've moved...

and this is my room... quite big. with a fireplace, tv, radio, big mirror, cupboard, bed, study table .. etc..

my new housemates... Shahid, Syafiek, Ameen n nik Fathul.. (to see their pics, CLICK HERE)
Still getting to know them much better..
Shahid n me have downstairs rooms, (thus, easy access to da kitchen, yeaa - but, have to open the front door if people ring doorbell - shahid's room closest to the door)
Nik's room nearest to the toilet, above my room. Ameen's room is on top of shahid's. Syafiek's got the smallest room (but adequate enough), used to be Ismail's room (he moved out)
Yup, these are my buddies..
All on the same year - Medicine 3.

So to Along (my sis) n Papa, mama (my family),
Boy (aka me) is fine here.. new room, new place. adjusting well. Will see u guys in December in London! Salam Ramadhan.. oh ya, by the way, my pic is in Salam Perantauan..
now, send me a Raya Card k.. my address is at the title above..

Thursday, 28-Sep-2006 06:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pre-Ramadhan/Welcoming Juniors/Dr Shidi's get-together..

This is Dr shidi's house in Mathew's Hill
N this is their back lawn, with malaysians
This is Ainin Nursyafeea, 1st newborn of Pawi n feeza.. with me!
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23rd Sept 2006

Wow, a whole day of cooking and having fun. Dr Shidi invited the Cork malaysian comunity for a get-to-know-each-other day at his house on Saturday, a day before the fasting month began. All of us are grouped into a few groups, and had to wear a name tag. the day went along with a small feast and a competition. The boys had to cook fried rice .. and the girls design n make the desert. .. tonnes of funny things happened along the way..
Anyhow, made a few new friends, especially the new comers. also met up with people I havent seen in a few months..

All in all, a wonderful day to meet up after the summer holidays before the term starts. also to do some catching up on new stories n new juniors.. (of course)..

Thanks Shidi..

Friday, 15-Sep-2006 18:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dublin again people!.. Good old friends get2gether.

At Azlena's house.. Mun, eddy, Acap, Izad, Azlena n Kay
school picture type.. haha in st stephen's green park
somethin wrong with ur nose? or is that a cool move? haha
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9th Sept 2006
Haha.. yes folks, I went to dublin.. again. This time I met up with the old Weekenders bunch, plus Fendi. Back in Mara College Banting, in my class, M02P, Azlena, Mun, Kay and me are the weeekenders gang, because we went home every single week. haha Fendi, on the other hand, is my old classmate from Pahang.

Now, each of us, of course is from different places. Mun is from Cardiff. Kay is from India. Fendi is from Manchester, Azlena from Dublin, and me from Cork. So all of us "converge" in dublin for a weekend together.
Based in Azlena's place, we spent the weekend running around Dublin, day n night, taking pictures, and acting wild... But most of all, we spent time with each other. We catch up with each others, reminiscing on the good old times.. etc... Hey, we kinda changed a bit, (eventhough we arent aware of it).

All in all, it was a spectacular day.. the best!
Hanging around with ur close friends make you feel..... Complete...

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