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Tuesday, 12-Sep-2006 20:32 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Malaysians vs Fourth meds..

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a Football match (friendly) was held a week ago... hahaha A TOTAL mess... we got kicked hard... Trust me, we r NO match against the 4th meds.. NO way.. Too bad... The score?? haha no way im telling you.. Malu.

Sunday, 3-Sep-2006 18:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Majlis Kesyukuran Ainin Nursyafeea.... Congrats Pawi Feeza!!

Pawi, Shidi n others membaca yassin
Papa pawi n baby Ainin.. Father n daughter moment.
A Proud papa showing his lil girl to his friends...
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3 Sept 2006
Yeah.. a new edition in our ever-growing family in Cork! This is the 1st child of two lovebirds, Pawi n Feeza, Comel nyeeeee..

Her name ---> Ainin Nursyafeea .. a superb choice. born last a week ago, on friday.
To Pawi n Feeza,
Congratulations on ur 1st child. hope this new edition brings u joy n happiness.. Moga bahgia seumur hayat... We're proud ... kami tumpang gembira.. jadi uncle uncle.. haha

Sunday, 27-Aug-2006 07:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Back in Cork.. Aiyoo, another term of hitting the books..

Abang Long n Along in their living room..

Yeaa, (sarcastically) im back in cork, ireland... started my journey home on the 23rd (Wed) flight MH 004 Malaysian Airlines 12 noon (m'sian time) onward to London heathrow. Arrivals was ok, no heavy security. I was picked up by my Sister, Iva Ilyana http://maliqueiva.fotopages.com/, n she drove us back to Croydon (a good hour or so).

Stayed there for 2 days, in their new home, n my sis took a few holidays to bring me out shopping, (nice sister eh?) .... my brother-in-law, and i went for our haircut on saturday, b4 sending me off to Cork.

Gatwick Airport was busy as hell. Long lines at every counter, (maybe due to the Bank Holiday that weekend), I checked in my bag overweight (like I AM NOW) n got away wit it (muhahaha). My "Laptop" bag was BIG (more like a backpack bag), n still, got away wit it (due to my excuses.. sweet talk them haha) The Security was quite heavy, everyone was given clear plastic bag, asked to take out their shoes n put them in the conveyer. My body was checked 3 times, My picture was taken (maybe b'coz of my name, n religion in passport), and my laptop searched. Laptop = asked to open it, turn it on, n they ran down a hair-straightener sized scanner over my laptop over n over.. n wait for the result from a nearby computer. Guess they're detecting for chemical @ Bomb residues or something.

All in all, I was cleared about half n hour b4 boarding, so i quickly bought a few sandwiches, a drink n made my way to the gate at about 1.15pm. I was going back to Cork using Easyjet. I got the most front seat of all, window seat on 1st row, right next to the exit. haha

Arrival in Cork was nice, the journey was beautiful. Warm and sunny. Landed on the new Cork Airport terminal. Awesome.

Then I got into a cab, n when straight to my old house, in Wilton...
Well, that's my Story like... now need to get some beauty sleep. bye.

Thursday, 10-Aug-2006 03:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Puteri Gunung Ledang: The Musical..

Istana Budaya; tempat budaya kita diperkembangkan
inside the hall, full house. balconies, n tiers.
me, feesha n iylia.. mana shahid? beautiful ceiling lights.
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9 Aug 2006
Puteri Gunung Ledang: The Musical
Istana Budaya, Jln Tun Razak, KL
RM 71.50
Main Cast: AC Mizal (King of Majapahit), Tiara Jacquelina (Gusti Puteri Retno Dumilah; Puteri Gunung Ledang), Adlin Aman Ramlie (Sultan Melaka), Stephan Rahman-Hughes (Hang Tuah).

Asalnyer nak pergi dgn Shahid n Feesha, but then Shahid bailed out at the last minute, so thank god Iylia is there to save the day. Met up with them at Mutiara Damansara's Burger King. Had Dinner there, n then I drove us straight to Istana Budaya. Sold-out performance, and it's only Wednesday!.. with good reasons. Their play was superb, I didnt sleep at all! (kira nya power la tu, since I slept my way through Filharmonic Orchestra KLCC n other plays)

The presentation was good, and the songs were powerful. They managed to bring out the atmosphere of the story into the hall. revolving stage, going up n down hydrolics, wow, indeed a high-budget show.

After a good 3-hour show (with 15 mins interval), the main cast went out to meet the audience. I met with Hang Tuah, Puteri G.Ledang, nenek bayan, n also anak Sultan Melaka. Lucky enough to get their autograph n a picture taken with them too...

All in all, a great night of culture, emotions n drama.... adussss, dah jadi sasterawan dah aku nih.... tsk tsk tsk

Wednesday, 9-Aug-2006 09:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
New Batch in the house..

3 lil naughty kitties... with their play ball
This is Kaka (named after the brazillian football star)
Owen n Kaka playing together
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Malaysian cats are so different than european ones. Different body language, i wonder whether they would understand one another. Our household currently have 5 cute cats, a mother (Eowyn) and 4 5-month old kittens, 2 male n 2 female. This batch of newbies are the 'World Cup' batch.
Previous batches includes LOTR - Eowyn, Star Wars - Anakin, Padme, Friends - Pheobe, Rachel, Monica, Spice girls - Posh n etc etc the list goes on.. (expands for a loong breedline of cats) Hahaha
Rooney - male, white, has a simetrical black patch on the head
(rooney kan bald.. plus injured)
Owen - male, white, short compared to others, very very active
(named after my fav player - owen, but injured hahaha)
Kaka - female, dark colored beauty, love playing the red ball, good friends with owen
(kaka - a brazilian footballer. the name sounds female)
Paulette - female, white, shy, love to lick herself, bright blue eyes. 'the pretty ones'
(paulette - an italian footballer, the name also sounds abit female)

These cats is given their names by my 12-year old brother based on their personalities n colours. . Macam-macam la budak ni.. Hope these lil cuties will keep my bro company when i head back to Ireland this 23rd Aug..

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