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Saturday, 5-Aug-2006 12:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Wedding in Melaka: Lily n Imran Bo

co pilot with the driver Gen 2 of the day.. speed on! dah lewat
wow siap ada banner tu.. grand!
imran n lily's walimatulurus.. purple. REd carpet tu.
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Another couple united in a blissful ceremony. Lily; my senior in mrsm taiping, kmb and also Cork, join hand in hand with Imran (Bo); senior in kmb, in a marriage. Congrats!

Here's how the journey began, I went to kl Sentral, feesha picked me up with her car, then i drove to Kajang, Picked up Shahid, speed to Seremban, Took Iza n Aju, and then made our way to Alor Gajah. The event was great. Other Corkonians there were Izzah Hamzah, also Bahij n Faies.

Nak dijadikan cerita, rupanya lily ni related to Idham (my high school friend), family ties. And so we met up with Idham n family.. what a small world.
Later we stopped by for some fruits in Melaka, then tea at rumah Aju.
All in all, best jalan dgn feesha, aju, iza, n shahid..

To Lily n Imran,
Congratulations. SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU, Moga Bahgia ke anak cucu. Hope this is a great start to wonderful years ahead..

Lepas ni, Azraa pula kahwin.. ...
Bagaikan marathon pulak kenduri kahwin pelajar2 medic Cork Ireland ni kan?

Thursday, 3-Aug-2006 09:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tioman Island - KTT family day..

helicopters at the Subang's airport.. plus n army
look who's here.. Condoleezza Rice is here.. to talk with ASEAN
heavily guarded, the 2nd official plane after Air Force One
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28 July 2006
Top 10 island in the world - Tioman Island certainly live up to its name.

Went there by plane, n landed on the smallest airport i've been so far. Tioman's beautiful. our arrival (alongside with other Board of Directors) is welcomed by the Berjaya general manager, with flowers n all. cool. stayed at Berjaya Resort n Spa. Got a presidential suite. Roomy. That friday, after lunch, papa went off Golfing with a few of his followers/friends. Mama went to Spa, adik n me went exploring the place.. the beach was clean, scenic n peaceful... aahh soothing.
that night, KTT held a Hawaiian bbq dinner on the beach. cool.. great food, di buai bayu laut..
saturday morning ada tele-match.. 4 big games.. happy fun.. then mandi laut.
the whole afternoon spent on the beach. later that nite, we had the grand dinner, performance, award giving etc.. oh ye, n karaoke.

overall.. a wholesome fun.. it's been 2 years since i've been to a beach (that can "mandi").. n the corals here are fantastic..
The place is even more beautiful than u c in the pics..

P/s: Along, i'm going back 23rd Aug, anything U want from KL?.. ingat, weight limit 30kg je nih..

Thursday, 27-Jul-2006 17:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pussycat Dolls World Tour 2006 concert

The stage... where the magic begins.. lol
reshmonu doing his thing, cool hair though
i know.. we're two good-looking guys.. haha
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Pussycat Dolls World Tour 2006 concert
26th July 2006 8:00pm
Sunway Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.
opening act by Reshmonu
Hotlink Zone Free Standing RM100

Oh man, it was sweeeeet. Going to a concert like this with ur great friends is a damn sweeet treat for urself. I was determined to go to any concert b4 i went back, so this is it.

Pussycat Dolls. Wonderful songs. Superb lead singer. Awesome dancers.
I went with Idham (my primary n high schoolmate) n Feesha ( u've seen her alot in this fotopages). There're also some friends who's there too, like..... Mas, Fido, Lutfi jr, Badiatul, and Miza.
What i like about PCD is that they've cool moves, n they are HOT...especially Nicole. overall, a worthwhile performance, although i felt they finished too soon.. more PCD! more!

Afterwards, idham, his colleuges n me lepak lepak at Asian foodcourt b4 going back 4 a nice shut-eye (with pcd, in my dreammmm)
hahaha, Idham, feesha... a great nite out! should do this some more!

Sunday, 23-Jul-2006 15:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kenduri kahwin Syukri n tengku Salwani..

pengantin bersama pengapit masing masing
muka syuk yg happy semacam.. misai dah cukur! nampak muda
sewaktu makan beradab.. jauhnye kerusi husband n wife.
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hahah ni lagi satu housemate yg kahwin.. ahmad syukri, my next door neighbour, telah selamat diijabkabulkan lepas maghrib 21st jul lepas, n hari ni kenduri belah lelaki, dibuat di bilik perdana Felda, Dewan Felda, KL. Saya pergi ke sana dgn menumpang kereta Lutfi n Nana, with a few others. Jamuan tu meriah.. dgn lauk pauk yg sedap sedap belaka. Memang grand.. so sempat lah berjumpa salam kawan kawan cork lain serta ada jugak kawan kawan dublin yg turut hadir.. tapi tak sempat tangkap gambar semua geng geng.. then malam tu pula Fairuz tumpang tidur dirumah saya..
Kepada Ahmad Syukri n Tengku Salwani.. Moga bahagia ke anak cucu... dan tahniah kepada kedua dua mertua..

hahaha Syuk dah kahwin.. mcm tak percaya.. rasa mcm hari tu je dia berangan nak kahwin, skrang dah kahwin.. haha Syuk ALL the best!!

Monday, 17-Jul-2006 02:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
a Jakarta weekend with family..

Papa n org teman dia, Uncle Isa in the golden lounge
adik, having breakfast.. buscuit only?? no way
Adik took this, hey, i wasnt ready yet!
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14th July 06, Friday
This weekend, my parents r free to go 4 a holiday, so off we go, all except Angah, who's unable to come due to work. Flight 9am, 1.45 hours to jakarta. breakfast in da golden lounge n plane. i sat with adik,and papa,mama with uncle isa.
Sampai kat Soekarno Hatta Intern. Airport. Tempat Dian kejar Rangga dlm Ada apa dgn cinta. fuh.. terus terimbau kembali scene itu.. haha.
then we were taken to Shangri-la Jakarta.. I noticed (and also were told) of strong presence of police on all 5-star hotels due to recent bombings. Every car was checked, n us had to go through a electronic detector to go into the hotel lobby, my 1st experience of this kind.
Then we have lunch at a great Padang restaurant. wow, splendid food.
Later Papa n Uncle Isa went to play golf (or Golof in Bahasa Indonesia) at Imperial Golf club, and Pak Supir (indonesian for driver) called pak Mosli brought mama, adik n me at a big supermall called Supermal Karawaci. spent about 3 hours there, in which 2 Siti nurhaliza's videos came out on their large screens. Wow, siti's big over here.
Of course, our accent (tried to speak indonesian as best as i can) n clothings (especially mama's tudung) gave away our origins.. but all in all indonesians are friendly n look up to us malaysians.
Then we went pickup papa n uncle isa, had dinner at another delicious indonesian restaurant, n went back to the hotel. Adik n my rooms r a few doors from mama's.. Adik slept with me.

Morning came, papa went golfing as early as 6am, another course. mama, me n adik turun breakfast, n Pak Mosli drives us to Ancol, (like a big disneyland).. its huge! with seaworld n dream world, Adik chose Dreamworld (dunia fantasi).. n we spent the whole day there.. rides, rollercoaster .. the lot.
We also went to some prominent places like National monument, President palace, etc..
To make the story short, on Sunday, after the morning swim n breakfast, we went shopping in Mangga Dua, a big complex of bagains, so many designer bags, shoes n clothes.. murah!
About 6.30pm we took a flight back to KLIA.. all in all, Jakarta's a gigantic metropolis, with zillions of people, a lot live in squaters, under flyovers, off the roads, and the traffic are crazy! traffic jam is so bad, at one time, took us about an hour to move 500m. it's a lot of huge trees n alot cooler than KL. indonesians a very friendly n hospitable.

The next day, Jakarta n some other places were rocked by a quake 6.8reichter scale, with a small tsunami hit, thank god we leave a day b4. Jakarta werent badly hurt, but tall hotels/building swayed... huhu scary tots. we were on the top floor.. 31st floor.

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