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Wednesday, 12-Jul-2006 23:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kenduri Hakim..

Eat, let's eat.. shahid and nik fathul..
Ex-housemates; 15, Wilton Court. Izad, Syukri, n Azan
Perarakan masuk pengantin.... hakim n gya.. sepadan
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9 Jul 06, Sunday
Today is the kenduri of Hakim, held by his parents, Prof Madya Dr Nordin n Puan Azizah, at UPM... This time, Papa n Mama were invited, as Puan Azizah were Papa's staff back in Risda. so I came with Papa n Mama. Once we reached the hall, we bumped into Nik Fathul n next-to-be-married-Syukri, and we went in together.. Papa n Mama (as usual) went to sit in front n mingle around with their friends (which i later met n salam salam), and i went to meet Nik azan, who's already there with his mom. After some time, Shahid n his parents came.. also Ali, Faies n Bahij.. The newly weds later came, sat on the pelamin, and eat. they had a picture slideshow, n also a speech made by Hakim... erm.. very candid, Hakim. hahaha
Overall, this time there's less Cork people.. but all in all a nice ceremony to mark a new chapter of Gya-Hakim ... Congrats again Hakim n Gya. Moga panjang umur murah rezeki.

Sunday, 9-Jul-2006 02:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kenduri Kahwin akak Sity..

Iza, If, Putri, Z, Sity, Shahid, Aju , n me
izad, shahid, sity, iza n aju
with pasangan mempelai, syabas...
8 Jul 2006, Saturday
Hari ni kami pergi kenduri kahwin di Klebang, Melaka.. to meraikan perkahwinan kakak sity, I set off to Kajang 1st, (Rumah Shahid), then kami berdua menghala ke Seremban, kami pick up Aju n Iza di sana.
Kemudian kami menghala ke melaka, dan sterusnya ke klebang, jumpa sity with some other Taylor's friend..
lepas makan makan n tangkap gambar, around 4pm, kami kembali ke seremban, singgah sebentar di rumah Aju.. melawat ayahnya.. then kami hantar iza pulang b4 heading to KL.
later shahid hantar ku pulang.. thanks.
It's been a nice outing.. n congrats Sity.

Friday, 7-Jul-2006 23:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nikah Hakim-Gya....

bz day, bz hakim.. hati berdegup2.. haha
kuchai n fairuz di tengah tengah panas tghhari..
sebahagian drpd brg hantaran pihak lelaki.
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Eh, bisik bisik apa tuh...

Congratulations... Semoga Bahagia ke anak cucu..
Muhammad Hakim Nordin and Azirawaty Tadzri (Gya), pasangan secocok cork.. finally tied together by an eternal bond, marriage.
Today is their Akad nikah.. and it went very well. Syabas.
As for me, as I cant make it on saturday, I came today, with Kuchai n Fairuz. Aju n Iza also came with Shahid.
Other than that, husband-wife Bahij-Faies came too, with Darlene n Ali.
To make long story short, kami pergi rumah hakim b4 sembahyang jumaat, pray there, n then set off with the rombongan lelaki towards ampang.
Along the way, some of our convoy (siapa erk?? hehe) main potong potong plak, nak sampai dulu kat masjid, all good fun.
Okay, after asar prayers, tibalah masa yg dinanti-nantikan. dgn berpantun n ucapan dari wakil kedua2 mempelai, process bertunang n nikah pun berjalan.
Cayalah, hakim dlm satu nafas dapat settlekan akad tuh.. go housemate!..
Then kami dijemput jamuan nikah di rumah gya di ampang...
All in all, the kenduri was very 'meriah'.. and It's great to meet up with cork people again..
Congrats again Hakim n Gya....

Wednesday, 5-Jul-2006 03:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy Birthday Mama..

Naili's place, Taipan USJ at night
Papa n mama, on the eve of her b-day
with adik, makan chicken chop n speghetti
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24th June 06
Happy birthday to my dearest mom, Datin Norayini Ali, who's always been there for me..

This week she's been quite busy, as there are new A-level medicine students (JPA n MARA) heading for indonesia, india n other places enrolling in her Kolej Teknologi Timur, Sepang. . apparently, she got about 300+ students fo A-level alone this time around. wow, that's a lot.

Working around her schedule, we went out for a birthday dinner on the night of 23rd june (a day b4 her b-day).. went to Naili's place, her choice, in USJ Taipan. That place's very hip, with cool decorations, nice international menus, and great atmosphere. We reserved a place, and we finally seated in a beautiful pondok, with clear see-through glass floor, with fountains n fishes in a pool underneath it. We spent a few hours, having all types of food, from kerabu, mushroom soup, and lambchops to ABCs...and also catching up on stuffs..
Later at home, she blew the candle, we eat the cake, mama opened the presents, and like hers..., and we took pictures.. but sorry folks, cant show the pic, cos mama didnt wear tudung.

-the happy couple, Papa n Mama-
Mama, happy birthday, Boy doakan mama panjang umur, murah rezeki, and sihat walafiaat hendaknya,
thanks for being the best mom ever, she's done a lot for me, more than any other mom in this world.
Selamat hari Lahir... May Allah bless every breath, every step, every smile you make.

Tuesday, 27-Jun-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Birthday Adik n Father's day..

ok, semua kumpul keliling meja
Along, new. Papa got a flatscreen lcd TV, rasa 27" kot, or 30"
Happy Birthday Adik! tgk budak budak tu kempunan kek.
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17th June 2006
it's my 1st Saturday in Malaysia. and it's Adik Idlan's Birthday as well (3rd June). And yes, WORLD CUP!! the football fever is on, bigger than ever b4. honestly, this time, i'm more interested in world cup than anything else..
anyhow, my parents decided to throw a get-together with relatives, from P.jaya, Shah Alam up to Putrajaya in conjunction with my homecoming, adik's birthday n father's day.
Anyway, Ramai yg datang, mari kita listkan! Pak Long, Mak Long, Abg zamri, Abg Barir & wife with the 2 kids, Mak ngah & Imran, Jay & girlfriend, Nana, Mak teh with the 3 anak dara, Uncle Faisal with maksu & iqbal, n others.
that nite mmg 'world cup' punyer feel la, mlm tu ada Portugal Vs Iran, so the cousins makan depan tv sambil bising2 bola.
We did sung adik a birthday song, n he got quite a few presents, oh yes, THE CAKE. IT's in a shape of a Football! Even adik pun pakai the England (rooney) shirt n hat I bought him.

At the end of the day, it felt great to meet up with families I havent seen in a year. but tak banyak ambil gambar, batteries habis n lupa.. Sorry ALONG!

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