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Monday, 16-Apr-2007 12:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Xmas holiday- Italy - day 1

At Stansted airport
Ryan air, owh ryan air...
abg long, along n mama
Abg Long, Along Adik Mama Papa n Ryanair
the Kids n the plane..
Banjaran Alps... nice.. snowy
saya ikut muka saper? papa ke mama? ke anak angkat? haha
Adik along n Abg long in da plane..
Dalam bus.. dah lama tak naik bus dgn papa n mama.. hehe
yea.. in venice!
after the bus ride, naik boat jom!
waiting for the water taxi to go to the Hotel..
Mama goin in the taxi.. venice ni unique sungguh
Pasangan bahgia.. mcm 2nd honeymoon pulak
wahh romantic nyer papa mama nih.. hahaha
Papa, very excited to be in Venice.. wonderful kan papa?
ni lagi satu pasang romantik.. abg long n along!
Gondola, n Papa n mama
Venizian city.. very very beautiful.
lil brothers on a boat ride.. mana lg handsome?
nice architecture.. atas air tu..
izad n iva.. on a family trip
that is the kinda boat we naik.. the city is breathtaking
venice. beautiful building seberang laut
comel.. adik shj yg comel.. haha
amazing, buildings on a stick.. berpuluh2 tahun dah..
sungai mcm jalan raya .. no cars. me n brother having fun
inside out water taxi
outside seating.. adik n me
yea, dah sampai.. our hotel. londra palace.
mama, papa, along n abg long, going in ..
meanwhile, adik n me jalan jalan masuk alley n stuffs
me near the hotel were stayin in.
adik on a bridge.. looking as cheerful as ever.. haha
Along's room. very nice n cosy.
Now, ni bilik Adik n Abang.. hehe two guys having fun
the view outside our room.. with the big cookie monster aside..
me n my golden toilet... haha
this is along's golden toilet throne.. haha
Sunday, 17-Dec-2006

Woohooooo Italiano uno!.. its been a blast so far staying with Papa, Mama n adik in Along's place.., now the time to get off and go to Italy with them is finally here. Excited and roaring to go, we set off to stansted, and flew to Venice on a bright sunny morning, arriving there, we took a boat to out hotel. A great hotel in the center of everything!.. Venice is really beautiful. Mama loved it. The buildings, the river, the whole scene. the view outside our hotel rooms are amazing. watching the small boats going through the canals and buildings surrounded by water is addictive. I cant imagine how this city can survive with rivers/canals instead of roads. A very different place. Everyone should come here at least once in their lifetime!

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