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By: izad iskandar

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Saturday, 14-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
What a way to start off the holidays..

Angah cooking breakfast in the apt kitchen
The food, Maggi with salami, hotdogs n etc.. made by our own Iza
Let's eat, while waiting for Pa n Ma 2 come frm hotel...
Me n Winnie the pooh... oops, it's idlan~!
Angah, cleaning up adik's mess. (kat kitchen my apt))
Adik, me, new Hyundai car, Mama, Angah.. in front of the Spires
Papa, arriving at the hotel..Papa lupa bawa lesen, mama drive.
Iza n Izad at the Hayfield manor.. tepi kereta model baru..
Me, mama, papa n adik at the manor compound, beautiful gardens..
At the entrance of Hayfield Manor.. me, papa, adik n mama
Angah n Adik,at the tea room, tea anyone?
Adik n winnie the pooh, at the Hayfield Manor lobby..
Up to the rooms, n beyond! a comfortable n welcoming atmosphere.
Papa, relaxing at the lounge sofa, reminds me of home....
me n adik, waiting for papa n mama to check out the place...
let's go out to the garden.. jom adik!! ada white statue yg lawa
Boy n adik in front of the glass room, cafe beside the garden..
Mama at the Main Quad, UCC ...
Mama n adik ... in front of an ucc faculty.. adik montel x adik?
Adik, Papa, Mama, Angah n UCC main Quad..
The president's office.. n a malaysian director next 2 it (hehe)
Baby, Papa, boy, n mama at the UCC entrance...
Us, at the side of Aula Maxima...
A walk along the river...
boy n adik at the ege kebab.. for lunch
Black n red, two charming girls...
walking through ucc's garden..
Angah feeding the swans at the lough..
Three animal loving people giving out bread to the swans n ducks
Awak nak apa? cheeky ducks,trying to pujuk for roti
Adik, giving crumbles to the swan.. swan, y x makan adik? hehe
Papa, wut's up? habis dah roti tu?
Angah, tambah lagi, hah tambah nasik, tambah nasik... hehe
After looking cute n cheeky, the two ducks get wut they want..
Angah n adik, at the Cork's port.. with a big ship!
Like father, like son.... Two boys at their best, smiling
Mama, adik, papa n baby on the field of blarney..
Make a wish? throw a penny? or waste ur money? only?
cool version of adik (coat ditaja oleh his big bro)
Gusti Retno Dumilah didepan blarney castle
adik n abang, with ma n pa at the back.... MEN in Black
Izad Iskandar, Idlan Haziq n Abd Rahman at the Blarney castle..
Nice Spring weather.. Green trees. lust leaves.. and the castle
Iza Izhana with the castle towering behind her.. afraid?
adik n me in front of the entrance to the Dungeon.. ooo spooky?
My sis in a cell? yea!! iza in front of a cell... look behind u!
acting brave in the dungeon, w dark staircase up to the unknown.
look out tower.. tall.. my sis...
The window in the olden times are inadequate 4 good ventilation.
Iza and the window to the outside world.. ooh ahh spooky
The Earl's bedroom... the balcony of the tyrant
hey, a guy in the young ladies bedroom.. how young is young?
adik n his big bro at a gothic arch aka door..
smiley face of a sis in ireland, with her ELLE shirt n a window
on top of the blarney castle... nice view? not nice? nice?
sis on the ledge.. n the green meddows behind her
Papa.. looking down on us with a smile.. King of our family.hehe
Iza Izhana, a small walking path that leads to the blarney town.
on the top of the castle, with a sister, carrying a vid cam ...
it a looong way down from here.. oooooooo
ancient gothic frame, a window. and a huge dark figure, smilling
Doing down miss? sis smiles as i shoots, every bit of da journey
on the stairs leading 2 a small bedroom.how'd they live in here?
My sis? The chapel? smiling? hmmm.... ada apa apa ke?
sis, on a dark staircase.. whut's that behind u? boo!
Idlan, promoting Langkawi island.. n my sis, looking cute!
The whole smiling family, having a great time in ireland.
Iza n Idlan,in front of an english wall at an ancient druid site
Bro n lil bro in the tunnel to the witches encampment, years ago
Idlan, on the sacrificing altar.. who's next? adik?
Iza n Idlan, who's the lil one here?
At an unidentified witches' settlement.. Charmed ones?
Throne of the trees? the king n queen is sitting down..
a witch in her natural place.. hehehe just joking
Fairy Glade.. now, where's the fairy???
latest model shoot... look at that boy strutting it! Gebu!!
A lil hamster @ mice living at the witch place.. not shy at all
What? see something?? scary faces of a lil boy, at creepy place
Wishing steps is wut it's call.. wut it soppose to do?
two cute people, with an ugly thing in between
the entrance of the wishing steps.. dare to come in?
quite a long way down.. n i didnt make a wish.. dont want to
welcome to the witches kitchen.. any orders? the cheff is in??
the entrance of the kitchen.. it's really is a kitchen!
me n my sis, wanna cook here tonite?? hehehe
the trees, engulfing the whole place, makeing it more mysterious
The roots, making a frame around the witches stove@ kitchen
Druids cave.. two people who dont wanna come in...
cute boy with his bro pointing at the cave. dont dare to comein?
huge unusuall plantations grows here.. nice.. n yet pelik.
the top of the castle. height is useful in fighting battles..
iza, idlan n the blarney tower n castle...
The Dungeon; where the torturing n the dying takes place...
the castle in it's less glory days
another pose by the ever talented young model...
Badger's cave.. one could be lost in here..
Argh, it's heavy... but i could lift it! in the cave..
me n lil bro. in front of the cave..
3rd May - 13th May ---
The most wickedly bastardly freaking exam ever.... On the last day, after doing a very terrible essay, i was a bit down.. looking relieved, tired, n lifeless.. alast, exam has ended.. n the period of looking-to-do- things-other-than-reading has begun.. yeay..
around 4.35pm (kot) i got this sms
"Boy, Mama kat UCC nie, boy kat mana?"

Biar betul... i ran up to the UCC back gate when i saw a tudung lady's driving a red car (papa lupa driving lesen).. it was them... God only can describe the utter mix of feelings when i saw their smiling faces... utter disbelieve, happy, confiusion ... all sets in.. -blur kejap-
Papa, Mama, Angah, n adik stayed for 4 days in cork.. they've been in london since 9 hb (cis, x bagitau).. in cork, i brought them to Blarney castle, Blarney Woollen Mill, Hayfield Manor, the Lough (near Spires), UCC, Wilton area, around cork county, and Shopping in cork city.. Mama spent a fortune buying perfumes 4 presents (sale), Papa bought his working t-shirts ( 5, apparently), Angah bought a beautiful blazer n 2 necklace ( 18k gold "charmed" ones, n shamrock), Adik bought a tamagotchi.. other than the usual traveling must-haves ( keychains, poscards, etc)..
Mama cooked nasi ayam, nasi lemak n such during their stay here in my place.. n my family r able to meet up with the The Spires gang before they went back to london...
I still cant believe ive been fooled, n suprised. A nice one! One cant imagine the hapiness one can get after seeing the faces of loved ones, half a world away....

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