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By: izad iskandar

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Wednesday, 22-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Balik malaysia..

along n bang long.. in front of their home.
Mr Malique Firdauz drivin the car, JOM MAKAN!
Alamak, jam kat area wimbledon(kot, x sure) Smile Along!
Bored to death, what 2 do? take pictures la nampaknyer.
Here we r, Abu Zaad for lunch. Damascus food
A small model in their wall attracted my attention.
nice place.. nice food, nice customers (me!)
another look at the model.. all recycled
banglong n along.. both has gained weight.. muahhahaha
wow, with food like this, who wouldnt eat like..erm... me?
rice, with lamb, forgot the name already.
The ornaments n decor was very 'middle east'
Yum yum yum yum,
Shahid n Syafiek at heathrow
Aju, Dido n Lindat, repacking their things, frm paris
Syafiek (n p.nadia on the phone) Me and the toilet.
Miss Chocolate 2005 -Aju, Sity, n Mona
In the cue line, check in at Malaysia Airlines (aisle F)
Relaxing - kobe 63 n the crazy frog in terminal 3
Inside the Duty Free Shopping area. shahid w lindat's handphone
Mamat n minah Indon - bapak Shahid serta ibu Sity
Me, Lindat. Mona n 1/2 of Shahid.. mcm 2 face batman la plak
Checking on her passport n most importantly, make up n choc!
Sapik n me .. at the waiting area to board MH 007 to langkawi kl
Dido n Shahid - Semangat to go back 2 malaysia..
Mona doing a very very famous pose -gaya manja mona
Shahid n syafiek, side by side in MH 007.sweeetnyer.. ahhahaha
The weather upon approachin langkawi island..
Sleeping beauty at her best! Sleeping in broad daylight. kagum..
Peripheral islands near Langkawi.. wow, breathtakingly awesome.
At Langkawi International Airport-sity tgk paris in laptop
The face of an excited person-lindat excited sgt sampai msia.
taken by lindat, at the waiting area-change of aircraft crew.
Dido plak nak tgk gambar paris.. Why the long face?
MH 007 LHW-LKW-KUL shhd syfk ddo aju lndt sty
3 guys.. stuck with 5 girls (Taylor's girls) alamak!!
The picture says it all... temp? 32 deg celcius .. HOT n HUMID
The new aircraft crews LKW-KUL include Danny X factor.. kecik je
Shahid, me, sapik (hawat lagitu?) aju lindat sity n Boeing 747
Lindat n shahid changed place for the window seat.. LOL
NAME of this Boeing 747? Kuala Trengganu .. hehe go figure!
lindat, shahid, dido (sambil repair tudung) n mona
me, Lindat Shahid n Mona.. 54HJK 55HJK
Me n Sapik.. Another 1 hour flight to go~!
At KLIA, conveyer belt B - Aju Shhd n Syfk
LAST GROUP PIC!! my going home friends 13 hours of 2gether : )
At home... this Green fella is waiting.. ALAMAKK!!!
During my stay in London, My sis n her husband took me lunch to Abu Zaid, damn nice Damascus Food!
After a week in Croydon, London.. It's time to head back home! Flight MH007 LHW-LKW-KUL check in time 7pm. Went to Heathrow Terminal 3 around noon time, meet up with Shahied n Syafiek (whose slept a night there) and Lindat, Dido, Mona, Aju, n Sity ... check in by group. So 3 Cork ppl, 3 Cardiff ppl, n 1 Birmingham girl starts 13 hours of talking, sleeping, talking, eating.. and taking pics!
Did a few shopping in the Duty Free Zone in Heathrow;- Shahid n aju bought perfumes, Shahid me n Syafiek bought Chocs.. n Mona tried most of the perfumes.. (hehe) I bought few things from Harrods ..
Seatings - Sity n Aju(aisle) - Shahid(aisle), Sapik n Lindat(window) - Me(aisle), Dido n Mona (Window)...
upon arrival in Langkawi, it's hot, humid n .. sunny.. apa lagi? bukak jaket la. spent about 30 mins in Langkawi Airport (change Aircraft crew n refueling). Then we board the plane n off to Kuala Lumpur! ..
In Klia - my beg was the last beg among us to appear at the conveyer belt.. huh. tension menunggu..
After that.. we went out (arrival gate) n each of us went their separate ways.. Hope to see u guys in SEPT nanti!

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