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By: izad iskandar

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Wednesday, 10-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Gold Coast-Surfers Paradise-Brisbane-Queensland-AUSTRALIA...

At KLIA's international departure gate..
papa n ma's at 12A&c, me n Bro at 14A&C, Sis at 15A
Adik, At the terminal.. sleepy..
The islands off australian continent..
Horizon, bounded by the wings of the plane..
The great australian desert... big, burren, bare...
Angah n adik.. at Brisbane international airport
Our rental car - Hyundai Sonata (auto) nice!
At Cavill avenue, Angah in front of kebab stall
Ada kereta kuda... n kuda dia breeed lain dari kat msia..
My lil bro at the Surfers Paradise Cavill Avenue
1st night in Gold Coast.. dinner? Kebab
Adik n me.. at a chess table, with breeze coming from the ocean.
At the apartment.. wah, papa feels happy about his kebab
Kitchen with utensils,rattan sofas, microwave,dishwasher, great!
angah, looking around at the dining area.. and lounge
In the morning after, surfers paradise beach,.. surf up dude
Mama cooked scrambled eggs, toast.. n etc..
Angah, having her coffee outside at the balcony..
Adik, n his pyjamas facing Surfers Paradise
Me, with the great view outside the apartment.
papa, eating his nasi, while adik looks on...
mama n angah, at the car lot, with the sea world monorail
Angah, ma, pa, n adik at the sea world entrance..
Me at the sea world's cafe area....
My family At the Jet ski performance lake... cool
My bro n me at the Pelican feeding cage..they smell like fish
look, A dolphin, resting at the petting pool..
adik n the nice lil dolphin..
My family with the powerpuff girls!
At the dolphin showcase pool.. lets c them perform.
kids with their superheroins.. hehe
look at that, syncronise dancers...
Wish i could be in there.. she's smiling.. cute
Belly up, nice one...
Bye bye guys... tails waving...
Angah, Papa, Adik n mama infront of the pool...
The quest for the golden seal.. show
the sealion smiles, and make a laughing sound.. nice
Cool trick.. balancing ball
tadaaa... hmm that's all folks..
me n bro at an enclosure.. stalk birds..
me, papa, adik n mama at the sea lion theatre...
Papa n me at the pirate ship,with the sea world logo at the back
my sister n me, and the petting pool.
Papa, Adik, Boy n mama, with a new family member..
What? mama with a new guy? papa, blasah dia!! hehe
Wah, two lovebirds... sweet nyer.. mcm zaman muda dulu2,
Brother dugong, n his lil dugong brother.. hehe
Dugong n adik.. two of a kind.. whut do u think? : )
i'm at length of a one year dugong.. go figure
mama - around 8 month-old dugong...
adik's weight? like a 6 month dugong.. hahaha
baby, relaxing. they have delicous cinnamon donuts here.
great trick by the ski challenge guys..
2-tier pyramid.. ending the great ski show.
papa n angah inside the monorail..
adik, tumbler polar bear n mama.
Angah at shark bay.. with a beautiful starfish.
U can touch, feel, play with the animals inside the pool.
shark bay- me, adik, papa n mama
binatang best kat touching pond ..
Feeding Frenzy, a boat giving fish to the sharks
would u look at that.. macam pasar malam.
angah, papa, mama, adik,n ofcoz the shark
tiger shark, swimmin happily with no care at all... haha
the feeding boat with angah..
mama n the shark bay deep enclosure.
Polar bear's place.. with 2 polar bears at the side.
bermain main pulak anak polar bear nie
wanna swim? come on, u jump i jump. (not)
getting down n dirty...
jual jual.. ice cream, ice cream!
In line for the log thingy..
its the viking log adventure or somthin.
having fun getting wet..
with adik infront of a corkscrew roller coaster.
mama, at the bermuda triangle pool
a 4-D exprience, S.O.S Planet cinema.. beautiful graphic
Young at hearts, angah n adik in from cartoon network toon beach
adik, me , papa, n mama in front of seaworld's drawbridge.
Lepas naik thrill ride, papa pening, mama sakit tekak jerit, heh
Dexter, shooting water jets to me n my bro.. hehe wet wet wet
This is how dolphin sleeps.. look. floating away kiddo..
Kanak kanak riang bersama Sea world...
me n adik, on one of the rides...
Smile! with powerpuff gurls..
nice water wet ride, Bermuda triangle
Sea World. that's all folks!
cute polar bear...
Warner bros Movie World-angah, adik, mama, papa
2 eager boys wanna ride the batman ride,papa n mama love da ride
The actual boat used in batman forever, V8 engine tue
Gotham's Wyane manor tour, with iza izhana.. hehe
jom jln jln kat studio set..
Marvin the martian 3D cinema.. mcm town betul
wow, Harry potter's shop, just like in the movie.
adik, excited over this shop the most.
Police academy action showcase.. real stunts..cool
look at that. wrecked the car.. hehe
Scooby doo! this ride is scary, ingatke mcm budak budak, nope!
Me, infront of the Matriz Exhibit, the set of 3 matrix movies.
Special effects r used in the matrix, included 2 extra actors :P
Angah: quick Neo, marry me!
two little kiddies outside the matrix exhibition
Looney Tunes village (adik's kinda place)
arghh the tasmanian devil! adik pun 2 x 5 gak
inside the recording studio of looney tunes. bugs bunny's here..
adik, baby and the damn bunny.. he's all over the place
one of my fav statues.. Beep Beep!
Road runners Roller coaster... ride for adik.
attention. 2 boys with mr army man..
A parade.. with bugs bunny n gang.. and angah too
cool car, sylvester the cat, n tweety
Scooby dooby dooo... and his van
daffy's cool car.. n fudge almer.
marvin the martian, gang, and their floats
the heroes are here.. Flash man, wonder woman n others..
ni bapak sgala superheroes.. batman's in da house...
Lethal weapon 4, most intense roller coaster ive ever ride!...
Fast, dangling, twisting maze of intense pressure..
me, holding on my dear life
muka psyko lepas naik roller coaster gila tu.
Boot Hill, interactive cemetary, with smokes, n moving tombstone
what's that light? (x-files)
Wild west falls, a cowboy town.. adik n angah.
nice, clean town with wet n wild actions
jual, jual! Got kicked out of jail ka?
nice photo of dad at the wild west mountains
adik n papa, before going into the damn ride.
my sister n papa, high n dry (not 4 long)
me n papa.. me n adik naik sampai 2kali benda nie
after plunging the tallest flume fall ever.. wet giler
second ride, u get wet more at the back..
Our condtitions after the wet rides.. wet n cold.
meanwhile, pa n ma berdating kat Grand Hotel.. haha
scary n kesian face of boy n baby at the graveyard..
angah, adik, mama n papa with an old car used in movies
mama fancy this car.. like Haji bakhil one's. (she said)
At the exit gate, tq for a nice fun day..
Movie world's entrance cards.. nice
pictures they snap while in scooby doos ride. scary..
Hollywood on the gold coast indeed..
at 5am, Dawn in pacific ocean' Surfers Paradise
The last day in Gold coast.. lawa giler sunrise...
At the city center, the city's waking up to the sun...
Good morning papa.. had a nice sleep? lapar ?
Gold coast indeed, the angle of da sun makes the sea shines ..
angah, papa, adik at the beach.. with our apartment at the back.
morning breeze blew in surfers paradise beach..
beautiful buildings n soft sands..a great combo. angah, adik, me
morning jogger with angah, papa, n adik..
dont be fooled. the sand n waters r cold as ice..
hey, we have seagulls joining in for breakfast.
the birds, the beach, and the boys..
posing for the next elle photoshoot ke?
the waves are certainly for surfers.. no doubt about that.
the waves, the sands. n the cheeky fella..
Papa smiles, as the wave crashing in on him..basah? hehe
A great day on the beach.. in winter.. hehe
the surfer twins.. wearing my hat?
Adik n angah on the sea throne of surfers paradise.
Cavill avenue anyone? police? no thanks
a Huge statue in the middle of cavill mall. shopping sir?
adik, boy, angah n mama at the dreamworld entrance
Ready for the thrill rides?? Dreamworld's the best.
Adik's fav.. Spongebob Squarepants!
The crocodile hunters (me n adik) and their pet.
The shark.. and his pets pulak (me n adik)
hey, look.. Red kangaroos..
adik n angah, petting a young kangaroo
want some lunch? here you go.. their fur is soft.. n short.
angah look pleased with her kangaroo..
Papa n his kangaroo.. lazy one.
Mama even gives coke to papa's kangaroo.
A mom with her son in the pouch.. arent u too big for it?
This lil fella here likes to bounce around.. mama likes him
wow, a cute bear giving food to a cute kangaroo..
Koala manja with adik n me..
it's fur is soo soft.. n very cuddly like a teddy bear.. gerammm
mama (koala's her fav animal) adik, koala manja, me,baby n papa
lets pet the kangaroo good byes...
Koala country.. berbaloi. jumpa feel, touch, play with koalas..
The studio picture of us with that cute manja koala..
Nickelodeon central.. adik like this place most..
Chucky n Angela from the Rugrats with men adik n angah.. best,
one of the rides we whole family naik
of course, we all get wet.. hahaha
Intense, eye popping, in-your-face ride...me n angah naik
cyclone.. swirling fast roller coaster..me, adik, n angah naik
the giant drop, tallest craziest in da world.. fuh!
the tower of terror, full speed, back reverse.. giler.
Wipe out, twisting, swirling, stomach wrackling ride.. pening.

From the 5th till the 9th of August, my family n I went for a short holiday to Gold Coast, Australia. It was Amazing giler! It was my 1st time organizing a family holiday thru internet (reservations, bookings.. etc) and it proved to be the best deal ever. We set of on friday morning, board off at Brisbane (8pm nite), get ourselves a car, drive to Surfers Paradise Gold Coast,n Check in our 2 bedroom apartment. The apartment was great!, front view beach (facing pacific ocean), air conditioned, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, cable tv, 2 belconies, and right beside Cavill avenue (like bukit bintang), with hard rock cafe's just around the corner.. best giler.

Anyways, 1st day.. we went to Sea world.. meet up with Polar bears, dolphins, pelicans, seals, sharks, penguins, Dugongs.. etc..

the park was beautifully clean, with fresh breeze from the ocean. papa n mama also joins in riding a few (non "crazy") rides... adik was so excited to go to cartoon network beach.. overall, we spent a whole day there.. (polar bears are so adorable.. geram)

2nd day, went to Warner bros Movie world.. met chracters like scooby, batman, flash, matrix ppl, bug bunny n gang.. n etc. The rides were great, batman, scooby, looney toons, wild west... adik is (again) excited about looney toon village.. another great day (with mama shopping, shopping n shopping at the movie world shops)

3rd n final days, after a great breakfast, (cooked by mama), Papa, baby, adik n me went down to the beach (infront of our aprtment).. the sands are soft, creamish in colour, and cold.. we played with the seagulls n the beach abit... walked along the beach..

Around 10, we checked out, went to DREAM World. (With world records thrilling rides, this place is a must!) The Giant Drop (tallest vertical drop in the world) The Wipe out (crazy inside out twisting thingy -makes me dizzy) The Claw (360 degrees, swirling, hanging, pendulum- Nak muntah).. This place's great. they have Big Brother (australian Studio), Nickelodeon Central (for adik, roller coaster n rides for kids like him) Koala, kangaroos, Tiger island, tasmanian devil, potong bulu sheeps n etc, n rides that kills... haha gilerrrr.. (but sikit gambar jer because memory cards dah penuh)

Overall, this holiday's is the best step-away-break for Papa n mama, n we had a blast in gold coast. Pa n Ma even thinks of coming here again.. nice

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