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Wednesday, 17-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
M02P - a reunion...

today's pics were mostly blur... me, kay n amalul
Azlena n mun.. two insaparable gurls...
Yo... terkenangkan his gutter ball ??
ok, U take the right longkang, i take the left one.. hehehe
me n mun... does she look sweet 2day?
amalul n yo.. kesian yo, tak makan satu ari.. hehe
muka buat buat comel .. ke comel betul nie? cute
3 available guys.. which's ur pic gurls? hehe none??
azlena looking confused.. while amalul's eyeing her.. hmmmmm
me, x-rummate.. and the bowling alley..
People say they look like siblings.. wut do u think?
me n yo; Cork n Belfast; black n blue
Catch up on good ol times...
Great game, great people, everything's just.. great!
Crazy Frog with an anti-crazy frog gurl.
Kay's jumping on a high note.. lontarkan suara anda,, hehehe
Kmb's song bird, struttin her stuff... her voice, i mean
Afundi Moon, hantarkan ke 32999 .. menuju puncak?
Yo, come on, dont do ur jambu pose! tidakkkkkk
Duet, Kay n Azlena; Ricky Martin n Christina
Me, "Siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan?"
This guy has a soulful voice.. hehe
A cosy, beautiful karaoke room..
Yo, taking on a great song..
mun, amalul n yo.. nice aint it?
Kay, trying Anuar zain's "mungkin"
Aiya.. tried already ? lyn's taking a break ...
Candid pic of a guy in the semangat of singing...
x-roomates.. bob dylan's song...
bro, macho pose tueee
mun, n kay, with yo (semangat giler nyanyi.. bravo!)
jom kita nyanyi dulu.... me, mun n amalul
food, drinks n other stuffsss
adusss, mata stim ..... me n kay
mun n kay, duet lagu aper tah.. tak ingat
me n kay, duet lagu "sandarkan pada kenangan" muhahaha
lynn n mun, at kenny rogers..
yo n mr muka blurr...
yo n kay...
the "UK" people.... mun n yo...
hmm.. lynn's dieting, mun eating, yo control macho, n kay..hpon?
yumm.. sedap hingga menjilat jari.. ehemm.

What a day... today, I met with classmates (Mun, Azlena, Kay, Yo, Amalul) from KMB after months of not seeing each other.. We spent the whole day catching up with each other in Sunway Pyramid. I went earlier, to do some shopping and met them around 2pm. After some smiling, hugging, kissing, thingy.. we went for a few games of bowling.. u know what? I scored better when playing here.. cool. Anyways, we then sang our hearts out at Red Box Karaoke for around 4 hours.. Everykind of song we tried, u name it, we sang it. from Spice girls to hindi songs.. giler. Later we caught up the 7.15 show of Gol n Gincu.. hey, best gak citer nie... great cast. Lapar?? jom makan at Kenny Rogers.. lepas kedai tutup, wut to do? go back la.. hehe anyway, it's wonderful to met them again esp when we r scatered all over the place.. Eventough some have changed physically, (like kay n azlena loose tonnes of weight, n yo lost his afro hair), they're the same crazy, lame, hyper bunch of kids i once knew.. hehe

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