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Tuesday, 6-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Genting Getaway = FUN!

Kempen bulan membaca.. di LRT Gombak with feesha n ameen..
Hana's laughing.. hearing fesha's sister's singing...
guess who's this? ---ameen---
in the bus, shahid n ameen.
gha n feesha.. looking all excited n nice
go genting? for rm2.60, u can!
the group-ameen,shahid,feesha, hana n gha..
me n the gang, at the skyway cable car station.
up, up n away.. view of the ride.
upon arriving in genting. shahid n gha.
escalator pic.. ameen shahid,hana,feesha,n gha..
The group- ameen,feesha,hana,shahid
Aper tengok tengok?? tau la ada pimple besar.. so? so? so?
Check in miss?? feesha n gha at the counter.. room key please.
at the boys room.. getting cozy ye ameen??
no entry? girls room... very long room number
hana? r u ok? hana's laughing while the others.. erm.. ponder..
rombongan beramai-ramai turun makan malam.. jom.. im hungry.
hana, feesha n gha.. with shahid's hand in the way..
lunch/tea.. at kenny rogers genting.. laparnyer..
tabiat buruk kanak kanak nakal.. notice any resemblance? hehe
me n ameen kat kenny rogers roasters...
me, shahid (looking rather wierd), feesha n gha
feesha, gha, ameen n shahid.
ameen and me ..having a laugh at sumthing funny. -clap-!
Ripley's believe it or not. me, gha, feesha n ameen.
up for a game of bowling? feesha, shahid, ameen n gha
the guys- group pic.. b4 bowling yg didominasikan oleh shahid..
another hand interuption by shahid.. gha senyum jer tahan geram.
feesha .. looking rather psyke dat she's good in bowling.. hehe
shahid yg nakal memberi pose yg agak... (no comment) hahaha
gha n hana.. in between turns..
eeee.. geram nyer!! kata gha selepas di kacau ameen.(dia xpukul)
aik.. feesha muka setengah dia jer.. kesian.. with the gang.
waaa, gambar lama - hana n feesha zmn mudamuda..
The crucial moment which fesha scored a strike..look at the pins
hana, looking cheeky... n shahid watching the lane..
shahid's turn.. and lead the way.. all the way to win.
yeaa.. i've been across the twin tower bridge.
up for a game of pool? jom! murah drpd cork..
ameen, the true pool-er. feesha n gha jadi cheerleader.. hehe
feesha plak main.. and tangan gha plak ada..
jom bergambo.. ameen n shahid (doin their thing) feesha n me.
my take - feesha, shahid, gha n ameen (wah,senyum manis nampak?)
hmm shoot shahid's head?
the first world plaza at nite.. all glittery n nice..
feesha, playing the motion moving game..
my turn, in the bright red cool thingy..
group pic outside the plaza.. under the yellow light.
me, shahid, ameen, feesha n gha.. smile!!
another nice one.. gha plak terpotong..
a nice fountain infront of hotel genting...
cool camera trick.. ameen's jumping (different colour, nice)
Cuba teka sapa nie? dia tido dgn penuh selesa,xtau gambo diambik
morning.. jom breakfast kat kedai mamak?..
gha, shahid, me n feesha... naik swing yg best.
fesha, me, gha n ameen.. in the lake.. boat ride.
gondola ride- the 3 all-black guys n a pink gurl.
shahid, gha, feesha n ameen.. posing in the gondola.
laughing, as we sat at the back.
hmm.. saper tue?? hmmm saper tue?? ha ha ha ha. cute.
Feeling heroic? shahid, feesha, gha n me paid rm 10 for this !
Best giler.. flying like superman, or spiderman.
the foursome.. arrghhhh scary but nice!
gha n feesha, while waiting for the picture to printed..
next? corkscrew rollercoaster.. afraid anyone?
the pre-naik smiles b4 jeritan ketakutan mereka berdua...
me? normal jer.. macho.. haha
gha berjenaka pasal helmet dgn shahid.
Go-kart! mari!! gha behind the wheels..
ready feesha? ready, tekan minyak!!
the race continues.. feesha n me (x nampak) shahid, gha n ameen.
self pic taken while driving.. dont take pic while driving.
cyclone ride. without feesha..
alamak.. pose feehsa ameen n gha.. konon cute la tue... hehehe
candid pic on me.. tah tgh buat aper tah
alamak! nak balik cork dah!! arghhh
in the fog mist.. naik merry-go-round..hehehe pening?
candid lagi... tah apa apa tah..
ameen, candidly.. on the thingy..
shahid, feesha n gha on the float thingy -we got a whale..
2 budak hitam.. one macho, one funny.. gues which one.. haha
tanglung festival.. with the 4 hantu tanglung.
sunset .. spent in the skyway cable car.. beautiful!
lrt gombak.. camera trick.. with ameen in 'hyper' mode..
3 black guys..heading 2 shah alam, kajang n ttdi.
in the lrt... resting in the trip home...

On monday, we set off to genting by genting shuttle bus after gathering at gombak lrt station.. we r all excited to go genting, as this's gha's 1st time there.. Arrived around 3pm, took the skyway to the first world hotel, and checked in. Me, ameen n shahid one room, the girls one room.. then we have lunch/tea at kenny roggers (lapar betul) .. walked around the shops (hint*- Clap!! , boink boink boink -hehe) then head off to bowl!! as usual, shahid leads the pack with a very high score.. congrats shasha. then we ate dinner at marrybrown, then go snooker for a while.. later we jln jln kat luar (sejuk n foggy) n watched dark water at the genting cinema..

Tuesday! breakfast at kedai mamak n then off to the theme park!! we played tonnes of games n thrill rides! Euro-train, Gondola, Float, The swing thingy, meery go round, Cyclone, go-kart, corkscrew rollercoaster, boat paddling, and the flying coaster (new) among other things...

Go kart!! 1)feesha 2)me 3)shahid 4) ameen 5)gha.. new cars.. best!

New attraction! the Flying Coaster ..feels like a superhero, flying face down thru the fog n mist.. up up and away!

Overall, it was sooo fun to spend two days with these great cool friends... well, till we meet again in cork.. (cant wait for the next trip!)
Till then... CLAP!! *Boink Boink Boink

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