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By: izad iskandar

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Saturday, 8-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
FOTA wildlife park... in Ramadhan.. with Dubliners

Cork.. the church near leasureplex
Clear blue sky.. another at the church
Train... let's off to FOTA!!
Where r we going?? scenic view with bodies of water all around
three excited dubliners.. huda, elly, n napster..
once arrived at it's train station.. small, yet beautiful..
Some of da animals here.. Ostrich..
two emus.. shorter n black colored...
Zebra "erk.. mom.. im dying.. erkk" while the giraffe looks on..
His mom, knowing her son all too well, decided to look elsewhere
the fast and furious.. look at this guy.. wanna piece of me??
two young cubs, huddling together to look cute 4 the visitors..
Zebra.. eating grass.. a time off from others..
giraffe "boy, what r u looking at?"
"now that u've taken my pic, gimme somethin to eat!"
"nah, this boy aint good enough for me.. let's go"
some weird species.. our close ancestors?? hmm
M02P gang - me n Nafiisah (napster) catching up...
"Awak sahur makan aper tadi?"
Explore people... explore!
Animal instinct.... cheetah, me n shahid
A sweet pic of a sweet couple...
iza n huda on the countryside..
"Ok girls, lentok sikit!, yes, beautiful, one more, one more!"
three humpty dumbty sat on a wall.. who's gonna last the longest
Follow the flock.. u'll have so much fun.. follow
At last, the winner is... me! yeaaaa :)
Group pic behind the giraffe's side of da park
Four beautiful species- giraffe, zebra, emu and electrical lines
Hmm.. nice skies.. sunny weather.. hmm i wonder..
A nice picture of yopit n the pagar
try to guess- who's cheeky, who's serious?
three lads having a cute moment... hehe
group picture... smile
Four wonderful girls.. and the pokok balak..
house-mate group pic.. dublin
Napster, me, elly, jimmy n huda
New arrivals! cheetah.. giraffe.. tapir..
"cheese, we're on candid camera!"
farah, jimmy, shahid, napster havin fun..
MAIN lantak jerrrrr... hahaha
the road .. n if u focus u can c a vague rainbow
Do not cross barrier? been there , done that! hehe
the rainbow sets in with the bison
yikes... llama
shahid, elly, me, farah, ezraa, napster, n huda..
"jgn tunggu llama llama, nanti llama2 dikebas org"
natural cork stones.. - the natural barrier for giraffe n zebra.
napster, n the girls "im flying without wings??"
fota badge, cheetah rocks!!
wawa n jimmy... jimmy n wawa.. =JIWA
"is it Peacock, or PeaCORK??" hehe
The parents club.. moms with their hyperactive children
shahid n his badge..
sleepy head... wake up!
lets go..
beautiful swans..
woaa, shahid = siamang??
shahid, me n jimmy
The penguins .. "guys, look cute" (from madagascar movie)
"Mummy, where do babies come from?" Jimmy, Elly n me
oh.. look... kangaroos.. a bit smaller than those in gold coast.
a beautiful pic of the park n the ducks too...
elly n shahid... ehemmm
At cork's train station, me, with syafiek n p nad
cork houses.. n bars..
Napster with a corkonian building
napster, huda n elly.... behind a church..
elly, huda, azraa, wawa, farah khalida, jimmy, napster.

This weekend, 6 Dubliners, Elly(RCSI), Nafiisah, Huda, Farah Khalida, Wawa n Jimmy (UCD) came to Cork for two days of fun. So, 1st day, we (me, shahid, syafiek n put. nadia, aimi, azraa, iza, fatim huda, n yopit)brought them to FOTA, a wildlife park situated 15 mins off cork, it's a park that thrive on free-range enviroment, with animal that are able to roam free, while mixing with other species n of course, us.. hehe

We've all never been there b4, so it's exciting enough just to explore the other part of cork.. anyhow.. it's a wonderfull phototaking spree, and i hope these people have a great time in cork.. now, jom sahur!!

As u can see.. it's sunny n clear.. best!


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