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Spanish Splendeur - DAY 4 ~MADRID~ "Quantos?"

Semayang Subuh kat a garden in madrid..
After check in at the hostel we went exploring the city..
oo what's this, an exhibition sempena xmas by the city council..
Shahid n the birth of christ punyer model.. very detailed
look at the angels and the real small grass they use..
that is, Almedina cathedral.. used to be a masjid..
the inside of the cathedral..all gold, masuk kena bukak topi
look at ther big organ pipes on the 2nd floor.. oh, n shahid too
This is Palacio Real (Royal Palace of Madrid) besar!.. sgt BESAR
me , shahid, azan with the main building of da palace
ooo, reminded me of buckingham palace, but this is bigger!
King shahid is going up the grand royal staircase, haha
the insides are unbelievably -- gold-- pure gold
shining, n glittering, and full of drawing
the throne room, of a ruler who governs half the world.. n me
look at that! almedina cathedral.
this thing must costs a whole lot of money...
the chandliers n drawings by famous artists on the wall
shahid, me n mr white head n the effects of mirrors
welcome guests, to the main dining room,ball n entertaing guests
model room, with models of thepalace n other,used in planning
shahied n the billiard room.. wheres the ball?
me n azan in the armory / war room.. LOTR style..
a horse n a blur guy.. i mean... really blur
Jom perang! yeaaaa serannng!!
a fully equipt horse n master, ready to fight.. spanish knight
this is how the knights were dressed in those days
ooo, kiddy's armor.. how cute,until they got stab to death haha
wow, rifles, n senapang Gajah kat bawah tu
well, another modelling pose with the black spanish cat
outside in the gardens, status lined up along the way..
on the other side of the palace
haha me n shahid... dunno wut to do, take picture lah
wanna c the grand-ness of this palace? compare with my head!
Centro Cultural Islamico de Madrid hehe
tempat ngaji, makan, semayang, blaja n mix around
hehehe mari membaca!
inside, a bit like a famous mosque in cordova
shahid, relaxing after praying...
me too.. spanish muslims r friendly, n know Malaysia.. hehe
"There is no god but Allah, n Muhammad is His Messenger" Spanish
incriptions on the wall, in spanish of course
Kebab anyone?? for 3 euros, gimme 20!!
Madrid at night, look, harry potter in spanish! busy eh?
they have tonnes of streets like this.. aiman, me, azan
Christmas tree in plaza de mayor
the dudes at hard rock.. rockiing hard?
fountains of lights n black guys.. muhahah
hey! hard rock cafe madrid pulak.. biler hard rock cork?
dont understand wut it said? we too. its a carpark kot haha
spanish monument with lights changing every few seconds.. niceee
sliding down a snowy slide!.. abih basah bontot.
playing with the lights.. macam X-men tak? haha
Who says pink isnt my color?
DKNY jeans advert. Cork's Next top model??
wah, i like.. Cyclops siut!
nice eh? i mean the historic building behind la..
La cibeles, famous. lion carrying somekind of god.
Plaza de independance... of what? ntah, celebrating free kot
a BSB kinda shots at night in palcio real.
3 guys posing.. again??
5 storey bridge.. wow
Madrid is the Capital city of Spain, we arrived there around 8am.. after check in at Barbieri Youth Hostel, we venture out, 1st up, a madrid city council christmas model exhibition... next,

Catedral de la Almudena, according to history, it used to be a church, and a masjid, and now a cathedral back. that's how they got the name almedina.

Palacio real It was a very beautiful palace and, is the second largest in the world next to Versailles.

Who ever thought the islamic community here is grand? we prayed at the
Centro Cultural Islamico de Madrid.. its huge! with marble walls, restaurants n after-school classes.. the spanish muslims are very friendly,welcoming and open.. best.

we also went to their 'dataran merdeka' with their big Spanish Flag. played snow slide, and look at their plaza of independence. They have coodinated-light shows.. shining on historic building all nite.. Beautiful.

next we head to
The fountain of Cibeles, found on the stretch of Madrid commonly called the Paseo de Recoletos. It depicts the goddess Cibeles, the Greek goddess of fertility, who is seen sitting on a chariot and being pulled by two lions.
We also go to some other places like Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Plaza del Oriente n others..

I noticed that there is presence of police forces in most part, and their security is quite tight..especially entering museums n such... its understandable as they were just bombed a few months earlier.. in comparison with barcelona, madrid is more hectic, more city-like..
at night, we walk around the tourist routes, taking pictures n making a fool out of ourselves (singing, joking, etc)
And again.. we went to
Hard Rock MADRID.. hehe

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