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Wednesday, 21-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Spanish Splendeur - DAY 5 ~MADRID~ "Syncos?"

Estadio Santiago Bernabeu(Real Madrid's) w its fans..
Real Madris FC, nice stadium, smaller than barcelona, but newer
3 dudes n the (Royal Madrid FC) Real Madrid fc pitch
their names written at all sides of the stadium seats..
Family/friends of da players area,where Vic watches beck plays
Madrid's pitch.. no access due to a game tonite..all nice n trim
4new substitutes,shahid figo,aiman becks,nik ronaldo,izad zidane
look at those seats, with these seats, saper yg nak gi main?
shahid n me in front of da famous tiang gol
referee seats also good, comfy, like race car..
aaaah, the trophy room.. so many, like matrix
their stadium, from above, n a gigantic monster
real madrid player profiles....
Group picture with the lads,, hahaha
eh, aper tu? siapa tgh practice tu? OMG, REAL MADRID!
Beckham's wearing blue windbreaker n snowcap..
there is he again...
the real madrid squad preparing for tonite,,
with his lads... can he speak spanish? i wonder
stretch it.. stretch!! come on! coach marah tu
mr beckham a bit sombong erk... oo tak per
shahid, aiman, n me happily take pic with Sergio Ramos...
3 dudes chatting up, b4 we called ronaldo..
shahid n ramos... pernah jumpa dia dulu, kat Medame tausaund uk.
me n shahid with mr ronaldo yg slumber n cool....
he doesnt mind we take another pic.. cayalah ronaldo!!
carlos yg kecik molek.. im trying to make him taller, kesian heh
carlos with us, using another camera...
Zidane was the last one, n he's friendly n chatting around.
he's looks younger than i tot, he's greatttt
shahid, mr zinedine zidane n aiman
best wo! zidane peluk aku tue!! hehe
the trophy room... all white.. nice
some of the biggest trophy they got
private trophies of stars internationally
Player of the year - Ronaldo 1997
Owen's the player in 2001
the old guys..... in the yesteryear
Always real? haha
robinho's boots...
carlos's boot...
Ronaldo's boot...
and mr beckham's boot..
group pics with the real madrid gang..
Zidane's boot... all black ?
next up.. madrid-granada
again.. in the bus with shahid
Santiago Bernabeu Metro (subway) station... masih terkesima
video capture 1: they's heading to lockerroom
video 2: beckham, ignoring fans.. apa da
video 3: wearing adidas blue windbreaker n snow cap
video 4: some other people yg i didnt know
video 5: this guy tooo, i bet Shahid kenal
video 6: Their Training session...
video 7:excercise... penting utk kemenangan.. tapi tak menang???
video 8 :in the museum, with Figo, X-real madrid.
Beckham, in his official photo of Real Madrid
Beckham, caught by camera
You Wouldnt believe it if i told u... would u believe me if i told u i've met face to face with BECKHAM, ZIDANE, RONALDO, Roberto CARLOS, GUTI n other Real Madrid Players? u wouldnt! Thank god for fotopages, if not, ramai yg tak percaya sakan.. ceritanyer begini..

the 2nd n final day in Madrid starts off okay, we went to Estadio (Stadium) Santiago Bernabeu, home of Real (royal) Madrid team... went inside the stadium, took pictures in its comparitively small but beautiful stadium.. look at the pitch n so on. One cant helped but to compare with Barcelona FC's Huge stadium..

anyhow as we were visiting other parts of the stadium (museum), out of the blue, there were a group of players stretching in the pitch,

we asked the staff (in spanish) who are they, and she said n points out "Zidane", erm, "beckham"..... WHATTT??!! giler arrrrrr terkejut beruk + tergamam+ x percaya (we assume it's madrid's youth team playing)
APA LAGI... berlari lari kuda gagah berani la kami turun ke pitch sambil merekod (video) n take pics of them stretching, jogging, n sprinting..

On the side of the pitch, I noticed beckham, n a few others, while others tak kenal...(x minat bola) Shahid on the other hand, (minat bola) knows everyone, and all hyped up (so were we, WHO DOESNT!!)

As they finished up training, they made their way to the lockerroom(heading ourway), we called for Beckham (along with other tourists/fans) asking for a photograph.. but he passed just like that (because he was talking to a fellow teammate or maybe sombong).. oh well..

next, I asked "who's this" to Shahid, "Sergio Ramos", we called him for a picture, he came, smiled n took pictures with us.. wow,

then next group came, with so many celebs to choose; "Carlos!".. he came over n took a few pics with us. We Got HIM!! (BTW, he's short!, I thought he's taller than me?!)

Then Ronaldo came.. This guy is a total goofy .. dengan selambe jer he came, smiled, n took pictures with us with a towel/shirt on his head.. like a lil boy.. he's damn relaxed n friendly..

and last but not least, Mr Zinedine Zidane.. The Greatest Guy Ever! he stayed back, sign autographs, chat, n took pictures like he's nobody!! he looks wayyy better than his age.. we even got a few couple of shots with him.. His Public Relation skills with fans are gooooooood......

After a few minutes later, dengan terhoyong hayang with unimaginable tergamam-ness, we made our way to the souvenier shop n shop.. WoW, wow.. WOw..
It REALLY took us a while to comprehend the fact that we actually met these huge futball giants... and we didnt even expect it..
Simply Surreal..

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