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Sunday, 2-Apr-2006 12:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Cork-Dublin-Brussels-Den Haag-Amsterdam-Cork (day 5)

kanak kanak, mari buat roti canai utk breakfast!!
1st class to Amsterdam.. best!
canal tour, for 10euro, boleh meround amsterdam
yusma, izad, shahid, mas, n gg .. sebelah canal
Ben n jerry! the girls suka abih, dah la penjual tu handsome,cit
tunggu bot, mau pi mana? round round
anak anak, beratur ya, meh masuk bot
wahhh cerahnye, di dlm bot, wakil msia.
front seat. in a long long boat.
nice views from here.. visit sites from waterways
me n mas...
grand central station, railway.
most people have personal boats here.
gha n feesha, sambil enjoy angin amsterdam
all building are facing canals.
pun ada rumah bot kat canal ni. nak ke fesha?
row of houseboats
bicycles r big here, proof? tgk bicycle parking dia..
shopping street.. eh, mahal gak brg brg dia
aik, apa yg saya senyumkan? tak tahu, honest tak tahu
byk jln jln kecil, bangunan yg tinggi2
dataran amsterdam.. besar
madame tussaud pun ada kat sini..
jom posing depan ni
ada house rides... with mas. tapi busuk, kuda, bukan mas
posing manja gha, heheh brady bunch style
shahid, gha, feesha n mr kuda
me n shahid at one of the canals.. amacam, muka macho ka?
amsterdam, very compact, a LOT of people, n trams on the road,
me, feesha, shahid, mas n najihah on another canal..
me, shahid n feesha.. checkmate!
hmm, korang main chess ke posing sahaja?
Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam.. nice
inside, ive done my shoppin, others r doin theirs.
Welcome to Red Light District, Jeng Jeng Jeng!!
Shahid, me n feesha.. aik, mana shahid?
Red Light Bar n coffee shop, with mas n shahid,
speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil, not so naughty boys
Beautiful amsterdam church.. waktu petang
drugs, n xxx is legal here.. so a lot of shops, patut ramai org

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, lies on the banks of two bodies of water, the IJ bay and the Amstel river. Founded in the late 12th century as a small fishing village on the banks of the Amstel, it is now the largest city in the country and its financial and cultural centre.

As of 2005, the population of the city proper is 742,951[1]; the population of the greater Amsterdam area is approximately 1.5 million.

Amsterdam is noted for many outstanding museums, including the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum, Rembrandt House Museum, the Anne Frank House, and its world-class symphony orchestra, the Concertgebouworkest, whose home base is the Concertgebouw.

Notable are also its red-light district, de Wallen, and its numerous "coffee shops" selling cannabis.

It was a big crowded city, (below sea-level city), and we went to most of the interesting places. We took a river tour boat, and cruise around their canals.. beautiful, and yes, we did go to Red Light District, I even bought a bag of Cannabis tea. Luckily lepas the custom back in Cork... phew..

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